Studded Thigh Bag W/ Gun Pocket

USA Biker Dream Apparel
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Thigh Bag with Gun Pocket

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MSRP: $104.00 

Naked leather bag has a gun pocket and stud trim. 9" x 6.5"


Dream Apparel's new naked cowhide leather studded bag is a must have. This bag features three pockets, two zippered and one snapped. In the front, you have a beautifully designed studded dual-snap pocket which is the smallest of the three. Just above that is the first zippered pocket, slightly bigger than the snapped one, which gives you room to store some more essentials. Lastly, another even bigger zippered pocket is featured and this one includes a gun pocket hidden inside. This bag is perfect for increasing your storage for essentials while on the go.

USA Biker's Dream Apparel

  • Naked Cowhide Leather 
  • Gun Pocket
  • Attaches to belt and straps onto thigh
  • Multi-compartment pockets
  • 2 zippered pockets
  • 1 snapped pocket
  • 9" x 6.5"