Bomber Jacket Style
Available in Black or Brown Leather

Leather Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket design was created during WWII to protect our pilots during the long bombing runs over Europe (hence the name "bomber" jacket). The style was adopted by post-war pilots of airlines.

The elasticized waist and cuffs keep air infiltration to a minimum. The full-cut body is comfortable for long periods. Ample pockets and lining are also design features of this style.

Aniline cowhide leather | vents | zip-out liner | Euro collar

Bomber Jacket in Cowhide Leather

Leather | hand-warmer pockets | elastic waistband

Bomber Jacket in Cowhide Leather

Leather | zip-out lining | neck warmer | vents | elasticized waist

Bomber Jacket in Cowhide Leather

Buffalo leather | retro brown finish | elasticized wrist and waist

Bomber Jacket in Retro Brown Leather

Leather | full quilted lining | snap wrist close

Leather Bomber Jacket

Pieced leather | many pockets.

Leather Bomber Style Jacket

Leather | waistband | zip-out lining | Upgrade to top-grade leather available.

Bomber Jacket in Cowhide Leather